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Picture  copyright 1997 by JC Studios
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The first engine (top left) used in Emergency! is a 1965 Crown Fire Coach. It is located at the LA Fire Museum.

LA Fire Museum
PO Box 3325
Alhambra, CA  91803
(213) 357-0311

Equipment includes:  1250 GPM (gallons per minute) pump and a 935 cubic inch Hall Scott gasoline engine.  It currently has 19,000 original miles and is still fully functional. 

The second engine, a Ward LaFrance (bottom left), is currently being used by Yosemite National Park. 

Read the article on Engine 51 at Yosemite National Park by Dave Stone.

Crown Coach Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Thanks Jason)

Photos taken 04-21-07 at the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum in Southgate by Theron Stewart.

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originalpumper.gif (21228 bytes)I was able to see the first engine used in E! My tour guide was Paul. He is not only a fireman, but runs the warehouse where there are some unique looking fire trucks. Paul & his brother restore antiques as far back as early 1900's and even steam engines from the 1800's.

Of course I had to sit in the engine & squad with a borrowed L.A.Co.F.D. helmet. As a kid , I always imagined myself riding in the squad with "Johnny" & "Roy".  I had an excellent time and learned something about firetrucks, steam engines & of course the squad. I even met a some firemen from Station 165 and even a real paramedic! I met a lot of firemen in California, and all of them were awesome! Not only do I respect these guys for the work they do, but for their hospitality and kindness!  My thanks & gratitude goes out to Paul for his time and knowledge!!! He is quite a busy man. Also an honorable mention to the man that someday I hope to meet!! I can't tell you how much I appreciated your help. I can't forget to express my gratitude to my husband Chet....who lives with an E! fanatic, and helped me do this!! I know he had as much fun as I did!

All pictures and text, copyright 1997 by JC Studios

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NOTE:  Dick Friend, Mike Stoker and some other folks took a cross-country tour in the engine.  You can read all about it in Dick's A Nation Viewed by a Pumper.

And here's where you can learn more about Crown or Ward LaFrance. (Thanks Heather)

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