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Sound Bites 
Hi, we've converted most of our sound files to mp3 format.  We left a few in wav format for those of you who may wish to replace your computer's default sounds (like mail notification) with E! wav's and don't want to go to the trouble of converting them.

05-31-06 Note:  I've had several people e-mailing me that they cannot download the individual files.  This might be due to some new anti-theft bandwidth settings causing some sort of conflict.  I've included a zip file for each section so you can still download the soundbites.  It's the best I could offer.  Hope it helps!

FILE 1- Standard sounds, opening & close themes, the SCU tones, etc. 

SCU tones 1 (short version) [mp3] [wav]
SCU tones 2 (long version) [mp3] [wav]
structure fire SCU tones
squad 51 (squad getting a run)
1st season theme (w/o voices)
emerend (ending theme)
emergcy (jazzy theme)
emergcy2 (theme w/voices)
dramatic music
fun music
kmg365 [mp3] [wav]
LA clear
LA testing
standby for response [mp3] [wav]
squad 51 cancel [mp3] [wav]
squad 51 available2 (Johnny)
squad 51 available (Roy)
squad responding from rampart
returning to quarters [mp3] [wav]
squad in quarters [mp3] [wav]
squad 51 10-4 [mp3] [wav]


Download zip file of all standard sounds. (2100 KB)

FILE 2 - Mostly one-liners. 

DeSoto's Elixer…
I think he's flippin' out on us

Never fear when Gage is here.
Ah Nuts!  Let's just go to the gym.
Are you guys all right?
Let's go Jr. All right pally.
…you know, like dying?
Big deal
This is the best
Didn't catch your name…
....rolling arsenal against death
…cheatin's easier
Chicks really dig that Gage.

Chile today, hot tamale…
Now he's gonna think I'm cocky!
Do I have to tie you down…
Don't be subtle…
....faith in your insanity
freaky accident…
…go play in the freeway
…go out with dogs
…head transplant…
Get out of here hosejockey!
…I don't wanna
…impotent wonders
…injured my feelings.  Good.
I love firemen
…wild chick…
…captain's integrity
…captain's judgement
You blinded me you twit…(1)
You twit (2)
…same to ya!

You gotta be kiddin'
Don't pose logical questions…
McConkee's hat
…mystic message…
…unofficial motto of the fire department
…no contact w/reality
…not getting any younger…
…not in the book…
Not on your best day, pal
…you're not very smart now
…out of your mind…
Sorry about that, I'll try harder next time.
What do you expect?

Why don't you get married…
What the devil happened?
You can be so irritating sometimes.
He did what? That's insane (Brackett)
…that's insane (Marco)

You're from another planet
You're younger…you're prettier
We learn something new everyday.
How come we always blame the computer…
Some days are just worse than others
Do you want to be a fireman all your life?…
You're gonna have to split from here.
What the heck have they got in there?
We're kinda square, can you spell it out for us?
I didn't just fall off the turnip truck either you know…
He sounds like the hottest thing to come along since D5W
Do you wanna know why it knocked you on your butt or not?
…the only thing more obvious than a Chet Kelly joke…
There are days when people just seem to freak-out all over the place.
Seems to me, the best thing you can do, is learn to live with it.
Doctor, he was fine a minute ago, then he just sort of …left reality
"I wouldn't do that if I were you."  "Oh yeah? Well you're not me."

Download a zip file of these one-liners. (1375 KB)

FILE 3 - Conversational snippets. 

…bust him in the mouth Roy & Captain Stanley
…coffee calling the pot black Chet & Johnny
…come and get me Captain Stanley & Victim
…a man who does not extend himself does not know how to live Roy
…fife and bugle corp Johnny & Dixie
…hardnosed captain Captain Stanley & the guys
…I might start to understand you and that would scare me Roy & Johnny
I must be getting old…
…nudge me…
Roy & Johnny
…pussy cat…
Roy & Johnny
…sounds like a good idea
Roy & Johnny
Johnny & kids
…you're a nut…
Roy & Johnny

Download a zip file of these conversational snippets. (920 KB)

FILE 4 - More sounds

I admit nothing
You're sure anxious to get the blade to me friend
Wasn't a terribly bright chap was he?
No insubordination from you bright eyes…that's right Steve Stunning, you're next
Charlie's Wife
I don't believe I've done this
Loose seeds in your gourd
Man in blue
Marco's hair on end
You never know until you try
You're never too old
Boy are you out to lunch
Skinny but tough
Soft from the neck up
So hot it would take the top of your head off
As talented as a tapeworm
One of these days, I may understand women
White Knight

Slow Learner

Download a zip file of these sounds. (834 KB)

Bonus Material (added January 2005)

I'll bring the beer
Chillie today, hot tamale
Crazy yanks
Extreme pain
Full arrest w/siren
Full arrest 2
Get over it
He's nuts
He's plastered
I'm a dad
It's grass
Lost the pulse
Mystic message
Oh my God
Pasadena 1
Pasadena 2
Pull a 2 1/2
Reeks of empathy
Repeat rampart?
No kidding
We can't do that
We zapped 'em
Who won?
Why'd he split?
Download a zip file of the bonus material (1509 KB)

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