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Character Info

Please note: We used a lot of this info in our trivia questions. If you plan on visiting our trivia pages, we suggest you visit this page last so you don't spoil the fun ;-)

John "Johnny" Roderick Gage

Career:  We know that Johnny was working at station 10 as a rescue man/firefighter before he joined the paramedic program, graduated, and was assigned with Roy to Station/Squad 51.  He has attempted to help improve the fire service by inventing a foam bomb, a canvas spanner sleeve, and a better way to record runs (all of which failed).  He has also served on the paramedic advisory committee, run for the firemen's welfare committee (but lost), and gone on television shows to help increase the public's awareness of fire safety and the paramedic program.  Though he, himself, has been responsible for causing a fire at the station when he attempted to fix a television. He has received an award for "performance above and beyond the call of duty" but later discovered that it was given to him in error.   He is often the target of Chet's practical jokes.  He was once accused of stealing money from a victim but was later cleared of the charges.   Occasionally he becomes emotionally involved with his victims, like the time he agreed to take care of a victim's dog.  He seldom gets to drive the squad.  Johnny seems inordinately accident prone, injuries sustained while on the job include: being punched by a drunk, cutting his hand while attempting to rescue a victim from an overturned car, injuring his hand on a nail while attempting to catch a purse snatcher, getting hit by a car after a call, slipping and bruising his ribs on a climb, being overcome by a dangerous illness while attempting to rescue an injured man from a scaffold, spraining his back doing handsprings (off duty), mild smoke inhalation and a fall off a stairway, breaking his leg when he's trapped in an exploding apartment building, twisting his knee while repelling down a steep embankment, pulling a muscle during a fire, being bitten by a rattlesnake after a rescue, injuring his leg during a fire while rescuing a guard from a fire, and suffering radiation poisoning while rescuing a victim from a fire at a lab.  Surprisingly, Johnny lived through all this and was eventually promoted to captain
Personal Life: Born August 28th.  Johnny has a Native American heritage and grew up in the country.  The only relative we know of for sure is an aunt.  Johnny's something of a swinging single.  He's happy to go out with virtually any pretty face and has been engaged twice:  once by accident when his girlfriend misinterpreted something he said, and once on purpose, though she later broke it off.  He's dated a wide variety of women including a deputy, a reporter, a stewardess, and of course nurses. Somewhat fickle, he has considered a multitude of business ventures including: buying a hot-dog stand, buying a boat, going into the floor cleaning business, becoming a gameshow producer/writer, and riding in the rodeos.  His wide variety of hobbies also shows insight to his character:  editor of his high school newspaper, high school track star, photographer, model, singer in a barbershop quartet, fisherman, guitar player, creating his own card game, and fixing up an old engine. He is also prone to jealousy, especially when other paramedics get press coverage.  Johnny's life is not all fun and games.  On the more serious side, he's talked bank robbers into surrendering and has had to deal with the death of a close friend.  He also settles his debts:  he's had run-ins with his credit card company, the IRS, and picked up the tab for the dinner of a certain English visitor who saved his life.  He is prone to seasickness and stage fright.

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Roy DeSoto

Career:  Roy spent some time in the service before becoming a firefighter.  He was one of the original six paramedics to complete the program. He has served on the paramedic advisory committee and run for the welfare committee (but lost).  He also invented a canvas spanner sleeve for the department but never submitted it to the committee.  He has occasionally had second thoughts about being a paramedic: once when a victim he treated died, and another time when he is up for promotion for engineer, but both times he decided that being a paramedic was what he wanted most. He has been accused of stealing money and hitting a pedestrian, but was later cleared of both charges.  He received a commendation, but it was later discovered to have been an error.  Though Roy often warned Johnny about getting too involved with their victims, he's been guilty of it himself:  once he took a victim's son into his home for several days (the child reeked havoc) and another time he agreed to take care of a victim's plants.  Injuries sustained while on the job include: mild abrasions sustained during an explosion at rail yard, being overcome by heat at a nightclub fire, injuring his shoulder while rescuing an escaped prisoner, minor burns from both a fire & creosote, injuring his arm when he's blown out a window during an explosion, minor head wound and bruises when the ambulance he's riding in is involved in an accident, electrocution by power lines (saved by a new trainee), injuries sustained in a fireworks warehouse explosion,  getting hit in the eye with cobra venom, and falling through floor during a fire.  Roy survives these mishaps and is eventually promoted to captain
Personal Life:   Born November 7th.  Roy is a solid, dependable family man, though he doesn't mind thumbing through an occasional Playboy at the barbershop.  He is married to Joanne, who he's known since the third grade.  In fact, they even went on a quiz show together.  He has two children, a young son, Chris, and a daughter. Also a mother-in-law he doesn't get along with, and a sister-in-law.  In the past, Roy was on the Norwalk High School swim team and sang barbershop quartet. As a child, he had his tonsils removed but they later grew back.   His hobbies include fishing, picking winning racehorses (for fun), and working on the old engine that he and Johnny bought.   He has also thought about going into business on the side.  In fact, the floor cleaning business was his idea.   The rest of the ideas were usually Johnny's and Roy tended not to go along with them at first, but Johnny usually convinced him…eventually.   After a lot of thought, Roy eventually bought a house at Johnny's urging. Roy is generally a nice guy and went out of his way not to hurt the feelings of a grateful victim that called him continually. He also provided emotional support for the wife of a fellow firefighter who was injured, and helped Molly, who's husband (also a firefighter) had been killed.  One of Roy's favorite phrases is:   "Chili Today, Hot Tamale" .

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Dr. Kelly "Kel" Brackett

Kelly Brackett attended John's Hopkins to become a doctor even though he father wanted him to be a lawyer.  Kel is an excellent doctor; however, he does suffer from a lack of diplomacy at times.  They say that doctors make the worst patients, we see this is true of him as well when he's been: gaffed by a catfish, overcome by a dangerous illness, and involved in a car accident..   His hobbies include tennis.  He seems to focus on his work, leaving little time for a social life.  He and Dixie dated for a period of time but apparently decided that it wasn't meant to be.  We see that Kel is more than just brains when he punches out a biker to protect Dixie.

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Dr. Joe Early

Dr. Early is a neurosurgeon who donates his time to the ER department.  This may have something to do with his having been Kelly Brackett's intern (go figure?).  Due to his calming bedside manner, he often treats child-aged patients at Rampart.  He has other talents as well and seems to be both mechanically and musically inclined.  Early was once a patient at Rampart when he had to undergo heart bypass surgery.  He loves enchiladas and Captain Stanley's clam chowder.

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Dixie "Dix" McCall

Dix is head nurse at Rampart Emergency Hospital.  Her past experiences include working in a MASH unit during the Korean war and in the Pediatrics Department at Rampart.  Dixie has dated (and even been engaged) to several people in the past, one being Dr. Brackett, and another, a famous actor.   Dixie is tough and efficient but well-like by almost everyone.  The paramedics even got together to throw her a surprise birthday party once.  She doesn't have a high tolerance for red tape however, and has written a scathing letter to management in the past along with a little subterfuge against a supply nurse.  Dix has a brother, but we know very little about him except that he used to carve peachpit baskets.   If doctors make the worst patients, what do nurses make?  Dixie was once injured during a rescue with Johnny and Roy and suffered a concussion, broke a toe when her foot was runover by an x-ray machine, broke her ankle and suffered a concussion while kicking a shopping cart, and sustained minor injuries during an explosion and fire at Rampart.

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Captain "Hank" Henry Stanley

We know that Hank is married and has a mother-in-law.  In the past, when he was an engineer, there was an incident involving the burning of   McConkie's hat.  This makes him paranoid when dealing with McConkie (once his captain, now his battalion chief).  We never get to find out why he did it, but apparently it was a clear case of arson.  The captain is well-respected and runs a tight ship but doesn't mind a little horsing around when appropriate, like when all the guys decided to gang up on Chet and give him some of his own practical-joking medicine or when they decided to name the station's mascot "Henry" too.  He hates fish but makes a mean clam chowder.  Unlike Johnny, Chet, and Marco, Stanley's head seldom gets turn by a pretty head, with the exception of a movie star that once visited the station.  Like everyone else, the Capt has had his share of accidents including almost being electrocuted and injuring his leg during a fire.  The captain hopes to take the chief's exam and be promoted.

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Chester "Chet" B. Kelly

Before Chet joined the service, he was in the military.  It's unclear whether he learned to operate heavy machinery there or from his grandfather, a New York subway operator.  Chet is practical joker and all around kiss-up.  He also seems to have an abundance of bad, old jokes.  Even his attempt at an invention sounds like a joke:  suction cup shoes.  This maybe because with at least two other siblings (a brother and a sister) he is used to competing for attention.  He holds two unofficial department records:  losing his badge and slowest drill time.  He often drives the squad for Johnny & Roy if they're busy with a patient. Chet has helped start two fires at the station, once while refinishing his skis, and once when he helped Johnny "fix" the TV.  His favorite hobby is collecting antique barbed wire.   Not much of a sportsman, Chet did excelled briefly at playing basketball and baseball, and once considered taking up skiing and occasionally likes to go fishing.  He is definitely not married and has even dates some of the same girls Johnny does.  His favorite movies include The Thing That Ate the World and Terror at the Library.  Chet, like Johnny, can often become obsessed about things --  he's gone overboard about the guys' diet and ridding the station of a mouse. He also has had his share of accidents including:  getting blown off a balcony, falling halfway through a roof, breaking his shoulder during a rescue attempt, getting blown off a ladder, bruising the same shoulder during a call to an ice skating rink and a practice drill, and getting soot in his eyes during a brushfire.  Chet has been studying to become an engineer but so far has only scored 74th to our knowledge.  Oh, yeah, and he makes a great pot of chili :-). 

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Marco Lopez

Marco is considered a pretty good cook by the guys, he makes a great Irish stew and loves chili with anything, including eggs.  He and Stoker once teamed up and tried to create an entry for the invention contest but things didn't work out quite like they planned.  In fact, the invention that was supposed to put out fires, ended up catching fire.  Marco was also single and dated an occasional nurse.  He was a softy and chose the name "Herbert" for the mouse at the station.  Marco, like the rest, has had his share of on-the-job injuries including: wrenching his shoulder during a dust explosion, being dazed by an explosion at a junkyard, and nearly being electrocuted at a gas station.

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Mike Stoker

Mike Stoker was the engineer for Engine 51 which means he drove the engine and was responsible for the operation of the engine at the scene of a fire.  Mike is a quite, unassuming firefighter. We don't believe Mike was married; a fellow firefighter did make a reference to Mike's wife but we think it was just a joke.   Mike made great fried chicken and spaghetti.  He also entered the inventions and innovations contest with Marco, but to no avail.


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Dr. Mike Morton

Mike Morton spent his internship and residency at Rampart.  While Mike was a good doctor, he was often accused of having a bad bedside manner.  He also played basketball.



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Reoccurring Characters


Vince was often the policeman on the scene when the engine or squad arrived.  While he never confused his job with that of the firemen, he was always ready to lend a hand when they needed some extra manpower.  Vince, while suffering from a head injury, once  pulled a gun on Johnny.  Luckily for Johnny and Vince, the rest of the station came to their rescue.  His character was actually a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He is almost always seen in the normal street uniform of the LACSD - tan khaki shirt, black tie, green pants, and wearing the tan and black helmet. -- Thanks Bruce

Charlie is the grouchy station mechanic and is very protective of  the fire department's vehicles. Everyone tries to stay on his good side, since he has a short temper and has won over 50 professional fights.  He also owns a boat which the station considered buying but the deal fell though.  Charlie is married.
Craig Brice

Craig Brice is a highly respected paramedic, however his perfectionist attitude and by-the-book philosophy makes him a very difficult person to work with. He was paired briefly with Roy while Johnny was in the hospital, and even easy-going Roy had problems dealing with him.   Craig served on the paramedic advisory committee and competed in the Fireman's Olympics. He is eventually promoted to captain at the same time as Johnny and Roy.

Crockett is a detective with the police department.  He is smart and fiercely loyal to his men, which caused some conflict with Roy and Dixie at first, still,  they   realize that he is a good man.  He helped Roy and Johnny out of a jam when they were accused of hitting a pedestrian.
Chief McConakee

When Captain Stanley was an Engineer, Chief McConakee was his Captain and apparently they have quite a past.  There was an incident involving the burning of  McConakee's hat and, though we never find out why Stanley did it,  it was apparently a clear case of arson.  While Stanley seems to think that McConakee holds some sort of grudge because of the incident, the Chief seems unbothered by the past to us, and even jokes about it.  The Chief is Irish and proud of it.

Boot was a stray mutt that showed up at the station one day.  The guys liked him and decided to adopt him.  He later proves his worth by locating an injured hiker for Johnny and Roy.  He leaves Station 51 for a more exciting station with a snorkel truck, but eventually returns.  He seems to gets along fine with cats.  He is very sensitive and Chet hurt his feelings once.  He is also something of a garbage hound.

Henry is a basset hound that just appeared one day while the guys were out on a run.  He is thought to be the laziest dog that ever lived and it most famous for never once leaving the couch.  He favorite person seems to be Chet.  Never refer to him as Hank! 

Thanks to Shawn, Shon & Bill for additional info.


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