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Fun things fans have created

bulletFan Fiction - links to E! fiction.  Spend your day reading or try writing some of your own!
bulletFilksongs - fun E! lyrics put to popular melodies
bulletTrivia - guaranteed to test your knowledge of E!, whether you're a novice or an expert
bulletMake a Squad - you know you always wanted one of your very own  :-)
bulletTop 10 Lists
bulletEverything I needed to know I learned from Emergency!
bulletNot enough E!?  Invite some friends over for an E! marathon and play the drinking game.
bulletToo much E!?  Follow our 12 step program to kick the E! habit
bulletBored?  How about catching a paramedic of your very own?
bulletOther misc. stuff from fans.
bulletWhen did Emergency "Jump the Shark"?  Vote here.
bullet Emergency! newsgroup (chat with other fans)


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