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STATION51b.jpg (7236 bytes)Station 127
aka Station 51

2049 223rd Street
(off Wilmington, across from the Arco Refinery)

Carson, California


Thanks for the photo, Richard!


frontof127.gif (36205 bytes)As we approached 223rd Street from the infamous 405, I glanced over and saw the oil refinery. It looked all the same as it did on Emergency!. I felt like a child, except my heart was pounding. As we took a left and was scanning for the famous station, we noticed a small firestation that had the Robert Cinader plaque on it. To our disbelief, it was really the station. It was so much smaller than it looks on television. Of course I did notice that when taking a photo or video from across the street, it looks much bigger. We got out and started taking pictures and video. I felt awkward but figured I had accomplished one mission. It was not until a few days later that I went back to talk to the firemen and their Captain…who I'm proud to say is a woman!! I had the time of my life!! The guys were great, they showed me around and I felt like I was in the twilight zone!

interiorof127.gif (22812 bytes) Though the kitchen does have two doors entering, and a few more modern accessories, it was the same!!  I then took a look at the turnout gear closet and the famous mike that they respond to all their calls.backof127.gif (17351 bytes) I had to check out the back of the station, it looks exactly as you see on tv. All I could picture were "Johnny" & "Roy" talking about keeping the old firetruck. I watched the firemen mopping and cleaning, it sparkled! The fire manual states sleeping quarters & locker rooms are off limits to visitors.

Janeingear.gif (40949 bytes)The highlight was when they dressed me up in the turnout gear. They made me feel so special! They even gave me an axe and put the air tank on. I don't know how they do it, it is so heavy and hot!  I asked what they would do if they got a call while I had the gear on…they said probably take me with them! They only get about 4 or 5 calls a day, lighter than the other stations.  I did see squad & engine 36 in action on my way to "Rampart". As you know, Station 127 is not equipped with paramedics.  They get about 1 or 2 visits weekly from curious E! fans from as far away as Australia & Germany.

janeandtheguys.gif (26132 bytes)


I waited 25 years and I now believe childhood dreams can come true!!  My Thanks and gratitude goes to Craig & the rest of the shift. Also, a GIANT thank you to Jim....who is an "ordinary" guy & "extraordinary" friend!!         Jane

All pictures and text, copyright 1997 by JC Studios

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On January 16, 1998, Jane and I flew to Los Angeles for the Hollywood Collector's show. The show was on the 17th and 18th at the Beverly Garland Hotel.

Right after leaving the airport on the 16th we headed to station 127. The truck and engine were both out on a run so we parked in the back (in Johnny's parking space for his Land Rover) and waited for their return. Walked around and took a few pictures of the outside. When the crew came back we were given the grand tour. Firefighter Wayne Shimabukuro had me dress in full turnout gear and sit in the engine for pictures. We were shown all the equipment and given explanations on what it all was for and did. Walking into the kitchen was almost like walking into the show -- you could just feel that John and Roy and the other guys were going to come in any second and ask if they could help you with something. After a couple of hours visiting and having a great time at 127's we headed over to station 105. Before leaving I gave Dennis a call to set up things for the next day. At 105's we met with our friend Capt. Craig Fleetwood and were so proud to be treated like "one of the guys" and ate pizza and had a great visit there also. They had a old Crown on loan while their newer engine was in for some work and of course Jane and I had to get in it too! We were given the tour of the hazmat truck they have and it was fascinating to see all the equipment they had on there. Before leaving for our hotel they gave us a map of directions and told us if we got lost to call and they would come rescue us. That made us feel a lot better driving off.

Universal Studios renumbered their fire station to 51 in honor of the show.

Additional photos of Station 127 can be found on the convention page.

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Here's an interesting tidbit provided by our fellow fan Ray:  The radio callsign KMG365 is still active and used in Los Angeles County.

I found a free web site with nationwide live audio feeds to different PDs & FDs around the country. LA County Fire is one of them. Did I mention free?! Go to http://www.publicsafetyfeeds.com/, go to "The Listening Post Feeds" on the left, and select the department that you want to listen to (LA County Sheriff, LAPD, and CHP are available also). On my pc Windows Media Player opened. I tested it, and if you prefer Real Player, that will work also. - Greg

51.jpg (14352 bytes)

The "real" Station 51
3900 N. Lankershim Blvd. in Universal City, CA.

Universal Studios has their own firestation which is numbered  "51" in honor of the show.  A fellow fan has told us it is part of the tour.

When I went a couple of years ago, I didn't see it, but I understand Universal changes the tour around frequently to accommodate filming.


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