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What’s a Nice Girl Like you Doing…? (2 hour movie)
Working title: Code 3 — San Francisco

Airdate: Tuesday 9 pm, June 26, 1979

Teleplay: Michael Donovan
Story: Hannah Shearer
Director: Georg Fenady
Fire Department Technical Advisor:

Guest Cast: Paul Sylvan, Patty McCormack, John DeLancie, Deirdre Lenihan, Jordon Suffin, Zack Murphy, James Whitworth, Chesley Uxbridge, Ed Peck, Bruce Neckels, Jon Buffington, John F. Lacues, Chris Combs, Carl Lumbly, John Hatfield

Story: Johnny and Roy are sent to San Francisco to study new techniques. They meet crews of the fire station and rescue unit and follow along on a number of rescues. They include: A man stranded on the Golden Gate Bridge bridge, a boat fire, and trouble at a dance bar.


I actually witnessed the filming of the some of the scenes in the 2 San Francisco Emergency! movies back in 1978. 

In the first "What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing?", the accident involving the SFDPH ambulance took place in the real world at "Skyline Blvd. and Zoo Road", while on the show the dispatcher sent the SFFD response to "John F. Kennedy Drive and Stow Lake Road."  That location also exists, but about 3 miles from where the scene was actaully filmed.  And to add to that goof, the same victim in the ambulance had his heart attack inside a strip club at Broadway and Columbus Avenue in North Beach, which is about a 3 minute walk from "Harbor Emergency" (actually the Chinatown Health Center above the Broadway Tunnel.)  To reach the scene of the ambulance accident, they went on about 15-mile, roundtrip detour! 

Also, just to be very prickly, on an accident needing extrication in San Francisco a truck company, battalion chief, engine, join the heavy rescue squad on the job.  That run lacked the chief and the truck.  To be a bit more of a hair splitter, E-38 wouldn't respond to the Zoo under normal circumstances.  That would be E-19 or E-23 or E-39.  But they wanted to keep RS-2s old running mate with it. 

You've got to give props to the producers, they actually used RS-2's "old" station for the show, station 38 on California Street.   RS-2 moved to Station 19 on Folsom Street in the early 19-90's to help ease a backlog of medical runs in the Mission District. 

George Devine, Jr.
San Francisco, CA

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