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Script #37405; Episode #3.5; Airdate: 10/20/1973

Writer: Kenneth Dorward
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Barbara Sigel, Dennis Redfield, Wayne Heffley

Story: When Johnny pulls a muscle during a fire, he gets teased about being out of shape. Roy and Johnny are trapped between battling neighbors. A young wife-and-mother is sure she is cursed when a series of bad things happen to her and her husband. Johnny rescues an injured hang-glider from a tree. Two men are injured in a fight and their children want to finish what they started.  A boy is brought into Rampart after being electrocuted by a TV set.

Goofs: (1) Tommy (the stabbing victim's son) walks right by two cops with a loaded rifle and they just stand their not moving. (2) Gage is on the radio telling Rampart that victim  is "coherent, ..... and confused" YOU CAN'T BE BOTH!!! (3) When the squad returns from the shooting/stabbing call, stock footage shows the old Crown pumper instead of the Ward-LaFrance. (4) Roy and Johnny start an IV on the patient in Dilemma but no one rides in with him even though it's made clear in several episodes (like Not Available) that they are supposed to stay with the patient once they start an IV.  Sometimes they don't even check the patient's vitals before they ship 'em off to Rampart.  When the guys are treating the two fighting neighbors (Heavyweight), Johnny calls on the landline to Rampart and the first thing that Dr. Brackett asks him is "Have you started an IV yet?" Without even knowing the man's vital signs or paramedic assessment! They make a big deal throughout the show that paramedics can not administer IV's or any other medications without being ordered by a doctor. Johnny relays the man's vitals and then Brackett orders an IV. (5) When squad 51 rolls out on a "unknown rescue" they find it was a hang glider that missed his landing. However when they pull up to the scene engine 85 is already there. However engine 85 was NOT dispatched with the squad. -Jason

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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