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The Hard Hours

Script #37414; Episode #3.18; Airdate: 2/2/1974

Writer: Arnold Somkin
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: Dick Butkus, Nick Nolte, Eve Brent.

Story: Dr. Early is diagnosed with a heart condition and undergoes a bypass. A pro-football player is embarrassed to admit that his son tackled him too hard. A boy builds a life-sized rocket. Roy rescues a girl stuck in a tub.

Goofs:  (1) When Dr. Early has his angiogram, as he is lying on the table, he is seen in the very first shot with the sheet pulled down mid chest, then in the close up, it is up to his chin, this happens about 3 more times…down mid chest, up to chin…without any help at all…magical green surgical sheet!!  (2) Johnny locks himself out of the squad after the bathtub rescue (maybe on purpose). (3) I wanted to point out a new "goof" for episode "The Hard Hours" from season 3.  When Dr Early is getting ready to be shaved for his heart operation, the EKG leads are on incorrectly.  It should be (going clockwise) White, Black, Red.  This was noticed by my wife Heidi who is a nurse. - Craig

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