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Script #42808; Episode #5.4; Airdate: 10/4/1975

Writer: Robert Hamilton
Kevin Tighe

Guest Cast: Lloyd Haynes, Jessica Rains, John Laurence, Hal Bokar, Kristine MarieGreco, Vernon Weddle

Story: Johnny overtimes at Station 8 where a lack of equipment costs a heart attack victim his life. A child falls from a swing. Chet is injured in an explosion.  Roy is injured in a fireworks warehouse fire.

Goofs:  (1) Roy does pupils/B.P. line twice in the scene w/Chet (2) When they show the gurney-cam (the victim's point of view) of the heart attack being wheeled down the hall at Rampart, you can hear Roy say "full arrest number four", which was apparently taken from a different episode. (3) Johnny working overtime at station 8. We can assume that's on one of his days off. But when he's back on his normal shift at 51 and gets a couple of calls with 8's, the same crew from 8's respond. Shouldn't they be off on the day that Johnny's working at 51? (4) The exterior shot of the warehouse explosion is clearly the same exterior explosion from the episode The Screenwriter. "Kids Toy Factory" is clearly seen on the sign above the door.  (5) When Johnny is over-timing at 8's, Stoney asks him if he'd like some coffee. As they enter the room where the coffeemaker is, you can see through the windows that the squad is parked in the bay, but we just saw the squad leave for a run only a few seconds before that. (6) When Roy and Johnny are under the squad working on it and Johnny comes up with the idea to do something for Chet while he's in the hospital. Johnny wheels himself out from under the squad so hard that he nearly goes under the engine! ("Whoa!") He catches himself in time, though, and you can see Marco start to reach out to stop him. (7) In The Promotion, they spend the whole show establishing the fact that Roy can't get promoted to Engineer and be a paramedic. But in Equipment, Johnny asks the new Captain Stone if he's going to keep up his certification. Stoney says yes, and even has the paramedic patch on his uniform still. Then in Greatest Rescues, Johnny and Roy bum about not being able to keep their certifications after they get promoted to Captain. (8) Only engine and squad 8 are featured. However truck 8 is NEVER shown at all despite having been introduced way back in the first season (and used a fair amount of the time through the series). Also engine 208 is not shown in the station as well which was shown in the episodes Nuisance and The Steel Inferno. -Jason

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