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An English Visitor

Script #37416; Episode #3.4; Airdate: 10/13/1973

Writer: Michael Donovan; Director: Alan Crosland

Guest Cast: Jaimie Ross, Lucille Benson, Craig Curtis, Judi Meredith, Stanley Kamel, Mira L. Waters, Barbara Boles, Jack Bailey, Art Balinger.

Story: A paramedic from England has a stint with Station 51 observing Roy and Johnny and the paramedic program. Their rescues include: a badly burned policeman trapped in an elevator, a car accident and fire with intoxicating smoke, the wife of a former sharp shooter, and a man trapped in heavy machinery.  Dr. Brackett treats a singer in a diabetic coma with no help from her manager. The staff at Rampart deals with a defiant nurse. 

Goofs:  (1) An IV catheter from a young man's leg has broken off and the nurse was not able to apply a tourniquet in time. The broken catheter traveled to his heart. When Dr. Bracket is getting ready to thread the guide wire into the patient, he accidentally hits it on the C-arm which has no cover. Of course, we know, that should never happen since it is a very evident breech of sterile technique. (You can even hear it clink on the metal.)  (2) John throws the rope over the bars at the last rescue to bring up the drug box.  He is not wearing a helmet. In the next shot, they show him tossing the rope over (same action, from a different angle) but he is wearing the helmet (and keeps it on in the rest of the scenes).  (3) During the rescue of the police officer in the elevator.  When they first arrive and have open the elevator door Johnny answers the fire chief with "okay cap".  I never noticed this one before. - Jackie (4) When the guys get called out on the structure fire at the beginning station 51, engine 98, engine 18 and truck 116 get called out. However when they pull up to the building and you see one pumper already set up, the battalion chief gets on the ht and says "engine 51 back up engine 60."  Where did engine 60 come from they weren't even dispatched. - Jason

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