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Script #40623; Episode #4.21; Airdate:  2/15/1975

Writer: John Groves
Georg Fenady

Guest Cast: Kenna Wynn, Michael Conrad, Patch MacKenzie, Bill Conklin, Frances Spinner.

Story: Johnny gets peeved at all the frivolous calls the squad goes on while real emergency victims need help. A man fakes back pain to get a free ride to the hospital and a man is shocked after kicking in his TV screen. A heart attack victim’s ambulance ride to the hospital is interrupted by a car crash. An overdose victim gets dumped off at Rampart.

Goofs:  (1) The heart attack is patched-in when they get there?  (2) Midway through the episode when they are called to the "back injury", after the requisite stock footage showing the squad pulling out of the station, it's kind of obvious that the shots looking into the passenger window of the squad (with John in the foreground and Roy in the background, driving as always) depict DAYLIGHT. Then they arrive at the scene and start removing their equipment from the vehicle in what appears to be early evening twilight -- the front headlights on the squad are very noticeable. Once they walk out of the residence, it still looks like DUSK. Then they're on their way to the heart attack and its DAYLIGHT again.

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