Level III Clues
Level III Answers

  1. Johnny sells how many tickets to the fireman's picnic? What does he win? What did he want to win?
  2. Who does Johnny call a "baby barracuda"?
  3. What's Chet's hobby?
  4. What is Roy's son's name?
  5. How much pressure is in a fire hydrant?
  6. Capt Stanley hates this food.
  7. Brackett's father wanted him to be what instead of a doctor?
  8. What is Video Candrisis ?
  9. What other two nearby hospitals are involved in the paramedic program?
  10. Who was editor of his high school paper?
  11. How long has Roy known his wife?
  12. What character has had 50 professional fights?
  13. What other episode did the actress that played Roy's wife in the pilot episode play in?
  14. What's a wuffle spring?
  15. The Captain thinks the Battalion Chief is out to get him. Why (be specific)? What's the Chief's name?
  16. In which episode does Brackett punch someone and who is it?
  17. Chet excelled, briefly, at these two sports.
  18. What episode do Johnny and Roy attempt to break up a bar fight? Who saves their butt when the guys brawling begin to gang up on them?
  19. What's Johnny's middle name?
  20. What did Chet's granddad do for a living?
  21. In what episode does Boot defect and why?
  22. What the name of the biggest guy in the department?
  23. What's Chet's full name?
  24. What two people are treated for landing in cactus?

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