Level IV Clues
Level IV Answers

1.  Chet holds two departmental "records". What are they?
2.  What episode ends with the guys assuming a "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" position?
3.  Name at least five episodes where Johnny gets to drive (not including when Roy rides in with the patient).
4.  Which three episodes involve fires at Rampart?
5.  Name the two episodes where you see the station 'testing' with L.A. *AND* two episodes where you see Johnny 'testing' with Rampart (one is very hard to spot).
6.  What's Vince's car number (eg. one adam 12)
7.  What is one of Roy's favorite play on words (a phrase)?
Hint:  Johnny mentions that he's rather tired of the expression.
8.  Name three episodes with Larry Manetti.
9.  Which two episodes mention Chet's suction cup shoes?
10.  What was the "secret of the universe"?
11.  How many times have there been fires at Station 51. What caused them and who puts them out?
12.  Name two of Chet's favorite movies.
13.  Practical jokes abound around the station. Name the jokes, who has been on the receiving end, and which ones have backfired?
14.  Describe wild hemlock.
15.  All the guys at the station get 'ribbed' (no pun intended) about their cooking skills, but everyone (all 6) has cooked at least one thing that the guys like, name them.
16.  Name the four episodes where the squad had to respond to help the same person/people at least three times.
17.  Name two episodes where Marco drives the squad.
18.  Chet, Mike, and Boot respond to L.A. on the station's radio.  Name the episodes where it happens.
19.  Name three different places a "Smoky the Bear" poster appears throughout the run of the show.
20.  What’s Johnny’s home telephone #?
21.  What the extension # to the phone in Brackett's office?
22.   Which two episodes involve Johnny, Roy, Marco, & Chet all repelling down a cliff?
23.  The following "see see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" picture is

       a.  The guys' response to Marco's latest chile recipe.
       b.  The guys' response to a hotdog stand burning down.
       c.   The guys' response to something they read in the newspaper.
       d.   None of the above.

(Provided by Tangee Taylor)

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