Q. Chet holds two departmental "records". What are they?
A. Loosing his badge (Family Ties), slowest drill time (Fools)

Q. What episode ends with the guys assuming a "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" position?
A. "The Tycoons"

Q. Name at least five episodes where Johnny gets to drive (not including when Roy rides in with the patient)
A. "Lighter-Than-Air-Man" , "Boot", "Honest", "School Days", "Not Available", "Problem" and "Dealer’s Wild"  You also get credit if you remembered Johnny telling the guy who's replacing Roy (Communication Gaffe aka Fugitive) that's he's driving.

Q. Which three episodes involve fires at Rampart?
A. "The Boat"-basement fire, "Boot"-annex building, "Family Ties"-small fire in hospital room

Q. Name the two episodes where you see the station 'testing' with L.A. *AND* two episodes where you see Johnny 'testing' with Rampart (one is very hard to spot).
A ."The Mouse" and "Communications" (same stock footage in fact) *AND* "Propinquity" and the tough one "Not Available" (you just catch the end of the testing session)

Q. What's Vince's car number
A.137-David (Trainee) or 138-David (Women)

Q. What is one of Roy's favorite play on words (a phrase)?
A. "Chili Today, Hot Tamale" (The Game, Welcome to Santa Rosa County) We find out from Johnny that he's rather tired of the expression in "Welcome to Santa Rosa County)

Q. Name three episodes with Larry Manetti.
A. "Rules of Order", "Most Deadly Passage/Medic I: Seattle", "Frequency"

Q. Which two episodes mention Chet's suction cup shoes?
A. "Inventions" & "Smoke Eater"

Q. What was the "secret of the universe"?
A. "made in Japan" (Prestidigitation)

Q. How many times have there been fires at Station 51. What caused them and who puts them out?
A. Three (Four). Roy puts out the fires involving Chet's skis, the television, and Mike & Marco's invention. You also get extra credit if you remembered the station wagon with the camper on fire in front of the station.

Q. Name two of Chet's favorite movies.
A. "The Thing that Ate the World" (The Screenwriter), "Terror at the Library" (Insomnia)

Q. Practical jokes abound around the station. Name the jokes, who has been on the receiving end, and which ones have backfired?
A.CHET ON RECEIVING END-The lights flipping on and off while he was shaving, Roy pretends to swat a fly and throw it away, the seeing-eye chart where everyone wrote the answers down on cheat sheets, John asked Chet if that was his $5 bill under the bench in the locker room (Quicker than the Eye), Johnny puts the mannikan in Chet's trunk (The Inspection). JOHNNY ON RECEIVING END-assorted water bombs (Messin' Around), syrup poured in his boots, helmet had cupcake taped inside, had his bed floured and had to roll out looking like the white knight (Botulism), the cradle the guys made him complete with a mobile, when he suffered from insomnia (Insomnia), extra credit if you remembered the gag involving "Mr Green" from "The Old Engine Cram" BACKFIRED-Johnny's box of soft creams injected with garlic extract (Botulism), one of Chet's water bombs (Messin' Around). Extra credit if you counted the "ladder not included" in "The Old Engine Cram"

Q. Describe wild hemlock
A. It is a poisonous plant the looks like carrot tops with spotted stems.

Q. All the guys at the station get 'ribbed' (no pun intended) about their cooking skills from time to time. But everyone has cooked at least one thing that the guys like, name them.
A. Chet-chili (The Screenwriter, Onward & Upward); Marco-irish stew (Onward & Upward) and chili/chili casserole/chili & spaghetti (Above and Beyond…Nearly); John-"Border de solace a la Normandy" aka the French meal (Pressure 165); Mike-spaghetti (Helpful) and fried chicken (Crash Diet); Capt-clam chowder (The Hard Hours); Roy-beef bourgenion (Cook's Tour), calf's liver (Crash Diet)

Q. Name the four episodes where the squad had to respond to the same person/people at least three times.
A. "Fair Fight"-the Hubbards, "Firehouse Four"-Fred Gibson, "Boot"-cooking woman, "Seance"-the Teals, extra credit if you remembered the old woman w/difficult breathing in "The Promise"

Q. In what two episodes does Marco drive the squad?
A. "Back Up" & "Snakebite" (He also drives in the episode "Helpful" while J & R are in the
storm drain searching for the lost kids.) -- Thanks Steve

Q. Aside from the captain, Johnny & Roy, who else responds to L.A. on the station's radio? (3)
A. Mike Stoker (It's How you Play the Game), Kelly (Inheritance Tax & Syndrome), Boot (The Inspection)

Q. Name three different places a "Smoky the Bear" poster appears
A. Johnny's locker, Station 51's bulletin board, Station 86’s dorm (Isolation)

Q. What’s Johnny’s home telephone #?
A. 321-1321 (Foreign Trade) before hollywood started using "555" :-)

Q. What’s the extension # to the phone in Brackett’s office?
A. 1357 (Understanding)

Q. Which episode involves Johnny, Roy, Marco, & Chet all repelling down a cliff?
A. That Time of Year, Captain Hook

The following  "see see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" picture is (b) the guys' response to a hotdog stand burning down. -Provided by Tangee Taylor

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