Q. Who's the best at the knot-tying drill?
A. Johnny (Saddled)

Q. Roy's favorite vegetable?
A. Artichoke (Communications Gaffe)

Q. What sports did Johnny & Roy participate in High School?
A. Johnny-track, specifically the 440 & Roy-swimming (Gossip)

Q. What kind of car does Captain Stanley's wife drive?
A. An Edsel (Foreign Trade)

Q. In which two episodes does Roy take an "unexpected swim"?
A. "Computer Terror" when that dog knocks him in the pool and "The Promotion"

Q. What show does Chet loose his badge and where does he find it?
A. "Family Ties" He finds it on his other shirt at the bottom of his locker.

Q. In what episode do you see the life-net, what two firemen were rescued, and who jumped first?
A. It was in "Details" and was used to rescue Roy and Johnny. Johnny jumped first.

Q. What's the squad's license plate?
A. Squad's license # is E999007 (Communication's Gaffe)

Q. What were Roy and Chet's exam ranks when they took the engineer test?
A. Roy's exam rank was 9th and Chet's was 74th (The Promotion)

Q. How many kittens does that cat have in the station in "Alleycat" and what are the guy's excuses for not taking one when John offers them to them?
A. Five. Roy had a dog, Johnny and Mike lived in 'no pet' apartments, Chet said cat fur made him sneeze, Marco had 2 cats already, and the Captain said the last thing he needed was a kitten!

Q. Who does John talk with to fix his credit card bill?
A. Gloria Truelove (Computer Error)

Q. What did Chet do before he became a fireman?
A. Chet was in the service where he drove heavy equipment. (School Days, The Girl on the Balance Beam, Fuzz Lady)

Q. What are Roy and Johnny's birthdays?
A. Roy's is Nov 7, John's is Aug 28 (The Exam)

Q. In "The Game" what two teams are playing? What are their mascots?
A. Stanford Cardinals v/s USC Trojans

Q. Which episode does Vince pull a gun on Johnny and why?
A. "Bottom Line"-He's suffering from a head injury.

Q. Which episode do Roy and Johnny accidentally cause an explosion?
A. "Communications" -They are rescuing a man trapped under his car which falls and causes an explosion.

Q. In what two episodes does Detective Crockett appear?
A. "The Lighter-Than-Air Man" and "Communication Gaffe"

Q. What was on the license plate of the car that hit John in "The Nuisance" ?

Q. In "Weird Wednesday", what year does the guy who locks himself in the freezer want it opened?
A. 1992.

Q. In "Firehouse Quintet" what was the score at half time? What was the final score?
A. The half time score was 8 - 28 , with station 51 behind. the final score, with Chet throwing the winning shot, was 40 -41

Q. In "The Nuisance" what two names did the nurse call Roy at the end of the show?
A. Bright Eyes and Steve Stunning

Q. In "Inventions" name the 5 different inventions discussed in the show.
A. Johnny and Roy’s canvas spanner sleeve, Johnny’s foam bomb, Johnny’s net made out of nylon cord, Mike & Marco’s machine that’s supposed to ‘blow out’ a fire, and Chet's suction cup shoes.

Q. KMG365 is the station's call sign. In the first few episodes LA had a response code too, what was it?
A. KMG941 (yeah, I know, you knew KMG365!)

Q What do the old fire helmets say in "The Parade"?
A. "Fire Dept. Volunteer"

Q. What did they name the mouse in "The Mouse"?
A. Herbert

Q. In what episode do they send something other than "lead 2"?
A. In "Trainee" (the diabetic victim) they send AVR, AVF & AVL.

Q. In what episode does Chet test Henry's E.S.P.?
A. "An Ounce of Prevention"

Q. How much money was in the guy's mattress in "The Unlikely Heirs"? How much did he leave to the guys?
A. $80,000, $20,000

Q. What movie were the guys watching on television in "Seance"?
A. Frankenstein

Q. Who wears a wedding ring on the show? Who is married (show-wise) and does not wear a ring?
A. The Captain wears his wedding ring and Roy does not.

Q. In "Music Mania", what is Dr. Early glad he ate a lot of?
A. Peanut butter sandwiches

Q. What was the full name of the dog they have to keep in "Mascot"? What was the dog commonly called?
A. Champion Salt Water Taffy. Bonnie.

Q. Roy attended what High School?
A. Norwalk High School-he was a junior (The Screenwriter)

Q. In what episode do the guys play ping-pong? Who's playing? Who Wins?
A. "All Night Long", Roy and Stoker, Roy wins

Q.What’s LA dispatch’s address?
A. 1320 (Computer Terror, among others)

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