Q. In which episode does the station get a new engine?
A. "The Old Engine"

Q. What episode were Roy and John held hostage?
A. "Understanding"

Q. How many times has Chet been injured enough to be sent to the hospital?
A. Twice. He breaks his shoulder in "Syndrome" and gets blown off a balcony in "Equipment"

Q. In what episode did John and Chet get high on marijuana & how?
A. "An English Visitor", A vehicle full of marijuana bricks was burning and they inhaled some of the smoke.

Q. Which episode does Johnny deliver his first baby?
A. "Cook's Tour"

Q. What episode shows the guys practicing a dress-out drill ? Who is the slowest? What's his penalty?
A. "Fools", Chet, he has to cook

Q. In "The Game" what team number are Johnny and Roy?
A. Team 8

Q. In "The Game" what does Roy do to Johnny in the shower?
A. Roy dumps a bowl of cold water on him

Q. In "The Game" Mr. Anderson says his family was the only one in NJ that got a Christmas card from where?
A. The Emergency Hospital

Q. How many episodes did Randolph Mantooth's brother play in? Which ones?
A. Two. "How Green is My Thumb" as a paramedic and also "Foreign Trade" as a college kid that fed raw liver to the pledges.

Q. What episode did Kelly Troup (I assume she is Bobby Troup's other, younger daughter) play in?
A. "Saddled"-She was a little blond girl in that bus crash with the nun.

Q. What episodes did Bobby Troup's daughter Ronnie play in?
A. "Body Language" as the girl who ate some daffodil bulbs along with her boyfriend & "Crash" as the babysitter that brings in a boy who overdosed.

Q. What ankle did Roy hurt during the basketball game?
A. right ankle

Q. Who gets to drive the antique firetruck to the parade (which they never get to) in "The Parade" ?
A. Roy

Q. What are the 4 hoses they use on the show?
A. Two-and-a-half, inch-and-a-half, and reel line, manifold line

Q. What does TKO mean?
A. To Keep Open (to add the drugs to later at the hospital)

Q. The English visitor refers to Americans as what?
A. Crazy Yanks

Q. What do Roy and Johnny tell Morton that Chet fed them for lunch in "Crash Diet"?
A. Dry toast and figs

Q. In "I'll Fix It" who takes the motorbike apart? Who puts it back together?
A. Johnny & Chet. Tommy Hilton (the kid the bike was meant for)

Q. In "Daisy's Pick" three guys end up 'going out' with Daisy, where did they end up? All three sustained injuries, who was injured and how?
A. Orphanage. Johnny sprains his back doing handsprings over the wheelbarrow. Chet gets his foot run over by the wheelbarrow. Dwyer bashed his fingers several times with a roofing hammer.

Q. Why does Brackett blame himself for the accident in "Loose Ends"?
A. He thought he was too tired to drive home and should have slept on the couch in his office.

Q. What does Chet use to polish a nozzle in "Upward and Onward" ?
A. Henry's ear

Q. Boot rides off on a snorkel truck in "Kids", in what episode does he first reappear?
A. "Fuzz Lady"

Q. What does Dr. Morton mistake a spider bite for in "Nurses' Wild"?
A. Drug OD

Q. Roy told his wife _____ (who) made great spaghetti?
A. Mike Stoker

Q. What food caused the botulism in "Botulism"?
A. Stroganoff, from homemade canned mushrooms

Q. Where was the country couple from in "Music Mania" ? The one with the sick little boy.
A. Piney Grove

Q. Do Roy and Johnny wear briefs or boxers?
A. Boxers (hey, it's a fair question!)

Q. In "The Mouse" where was the other engine company from that helped them at the apartment fire and one of the men rescued John?
A. Pasadena.

Q. What was the chef's real name in "Pressure 165"?
A. Michael Turner

Q. Where did they put the IV in the alcoholic man in "Dinner Date"?
A. His neck because they couldn't get a vein in his leg.

Q .How old is the girl that Johnny gets engaged to in "Details"? How many kids does she have?
A.23-years-old, 3 kids

Q. In "Quicker Than the Eye" what do the guys tell Chet he can do for a living (with bad eyesight).
A. Umpire or Battalion Chief

Q. What does the apron that Johnny's wears while he does dishes in "Dealer's Wild" say?
A. Genius at work

Q. How much are Johnny and Roy accused in stealing in "Rip Off" and who actually stole the money?
A.$500, Nora J. Hostiller (the lady in the apartment below) really took it.

Q. Why was Johnny and Roy's previous paramedic lecturer brought into Rampart?
A. Dr. Parsons choked on a piece of meat

Q. In "Tee Vee" how much does the new T.V. cost the guys and how big is it?
A. $245, 26 centimeters

Q. In what episode does Johnny get punched?
A. "It's How you Play the Game"

Q. What's the name of the Hamburger place in "Loose Ends" where Roy gets the hamburger while Johnny fixes the fan belt on the squad?
A. Fosters

Q. In what episode do we hear about "Brackettitis"?
A. Dilemma

Q. Which episodes have the firemen been mistaken for policemen?
A. "That Time of Year"-little old lady in the judo class; "Girl on the Balance Beam"-drunk in car, "Trainee"-little old lady that had her purse snatched, "Fuzz Lady"-kid stranded on crane, "Fools"- Spanish-speaking gentleman at the wrong address.

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