Items available post-Emergency! (1990's-->).  Some items still commercially available.
Tip: IF you can't find them commercially, try looking on Ebay.
For vintage items from the run of the show, please visit the collectibles page.

Emergency DVDs (only season I & II have been officially released so far).
Available from Walmart, among other retail outlets.

Emergency Videos
You can probably find the old JEMS or Columbia House versions on Ebay

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These are the episodes that were offered: School Days, Crash, The Promotion, Honest, Loose Ends, Hang Up, The Steel Inferno, Survival on Charter #220, Brushfire, Problem, The Screenwriter, The Stewardess,  Cook's Tour, Publicity Hound, Drivers, Trainee, Snake Bite, Body Language, The Wedworth-Townsend Act (pilot episode), The Great Rescues of Emergency!, Welcome to Santa Rosa County, 905-Wild, The Old Engine, Nurses Wild, Audit, Understanding, Propinquity, Prestidigitation (aka Magic), Smoke Eater, Welcome to Santa Rosa County,   The Professor, The Screenwriter, How Green in My Thumb (aka Green Thumb), Communications Gaffe (aka Fugitive), The Floor Brigade, Fools, Computer Error, Messing Around, The Mouse, Frequency, Inheritance Tax, Details, Hard Hours, & Quicker than the Eye -- Thanks Lanny   You can find the details on these shows by visiting our episode guide.

Photos, Scripts, Blooper Reel & Convention Footage

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Did you miss the '98 convention?  No problem, the video is for sale.  
Includes the private luncheon, Q&A sessions w/cast and crew and
EXTRAS.  LOTS of other great stuff!!!

More stuff here:  http://www.thirdalarmfireshop.com/
and here: http://www.clafma.org/

"Remember 70's" word seek from Walmart

Here's where to order the patch Roy and Johnny wear.  
There's also some neat stuff on Crown Firecoaches.

Order the Emergency! tee shirt  from Baron's T-Shirt Place.  
(516) 293-4979


Code 3 Collectibles has put out an Emergency! Collection (1/64 Scale)
Code 3 has an excellent reputation for quality models!
Try Ebay if the item in which you're interested has sold out.


Hot Wheels

Emergency! Companion
originally available free with E! video purchase from JEMS. 

You can occasionally find this item on Ebay.

Fan written and produced collections
of E! related fiction, poetry, etc.

You can usually find these on the 'net.

Sandra's Bears
I don't think Sandra is still making these, but they were so cute, I had to include them!


Project 51 merchandise

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