Assorted Teeny-bopper magazine articles provided by Charis & Shawn

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The Name Game
(Tighe, Troup, London, Donnelly, Fuller & Pinkard)


Where is Love?
(Randolph Mantooth)

Randy, Kevin and the Gang's
Groovy Grabbag

Randy & Kevin, find out how it all began


Top Secret (Randy looks for a new home after a break-in)


Randy & Kev in TV trouble (network considers canceling the show)

TV Facts about Tighe & Mantooth


The Girl Who Makes Randy Smile

Randy Mantooth Steps Out

Snippet on movie delay


Randy's Passion Test


Randy's Sex Life

Kevin - He's Personality Plus


Is Randy afraid of love?

Is Randy a Fraud?

Randy hospitalized

Randolph Mantooth "I'm Not Lonely"

Randy Attacked

How They've Changed
(Randy & Kevin)


Randy's Secret Lament, "Nobody Loves Me"

Randy's Cozy Cabin

Randy considers marriage

Randy Answers Intimate Questions

Randy's Life and Death Crusade

Randy's Birthday

Randy In Your Arms

Kevin by Day, Randy by Night

Randolph Mantooth's
Mystery Illness

Randy, Tap His Hotline

Randy's Secret Escape

Randy's Shady Past, Parts I & II


Assorted Photographs

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