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Fate shined on Scott Gourlay early. He was the oldest of four brothers and two sisters from a small enclave of inner city Detroit called Ecorse.

His younger brother Al was an All-American quarterback for Ecorse High and had offers from every major college around. He chose instead to join the Marine Corps. He remains there today. The second oldest brother was also a Marine and served in Vietnam. There father served in WWII and reportedly landed at Normandy with the invasion forces.

Scott took a different route. He went to Los Angeles to seek his fame as a country western singer, of all things. We always thought that was hilarious because Nashville was much closer to Michigan. He was a talented guitar player and vocalist and played local clubs to pay the rent. He also worked as a carpenter, electrician and jack of all trades.

He got into the stunt profession like most of them do --through a friend. He did stunts on movies like "The Sting" and finally ended up on Emergency!. There he found his niche and also started acting. His recurring role as "Scotty" the police officer payed him some extra money and let him indulge his penchant for being a ham. His stunts are legendary and can be seen in almost every show. When a building blows up and firefighters are thrown out doors and windows… that was usually him. He was fairly diminutive in stature (about 5' 7" and 145 pounds), but quick and athletic like his brother Alan. He broke some bones and tore some ligaments like most stunt people, but never suffered a serious injury that I'm aware of. Scott also liked to party.

He and Bob Fuller were notorious Coors and Chevas(sp?) drinkers and spent a lot of time in the Playboy club. He met his future wife; Ginger who worked as a "bunny" at the club and they were married in 1976. By all accounts they were made for each other. Ginger was a buxom redhead about 5' tall… the proverbial sex kitten. What most people didn't realize is that she was as smart as she was pretty.

Scott always had a project going and when the show finished its run, he landed on his feet. He was an accomplished photographer and had a studio attached to his house. He also opened up an acting school and had quite a few students when I visited in 1985.

Scott was a generous, funny man who told me on more than one occasion that you "never answer the phone on the first ring in Los Angeles, it made you look desperate. But you had to answer it before the third ring or important people would hang up."

Scott died of a heart attack in his acting studio. He had been suffering from heart problems for awhile and knew that he needed a lifestyle change, but couldn't bring himself to believe his own mortality. Maybe it's better that way. He was still going a hundred miles an hour at the time of his death.

We'd like to thank Scott's friend, Tom Marino, for sharing his memories with us.

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