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Sal Vecchio was Property Master for Emergency! for four years. He very kindly agreed to tell us a little about himself and his experiences with the show. 

October 12th e-mail interview with Sal Vecchio

To start with, I’m married and three grown girls they are 40, 35, and 26. I also have two grandchildren ages 17 and 14. I retired four years ago and moved to Arizona. My wife and youngest daughter are hair dressers in the movie business. My wife does the Profiler and my daughter does Party of Five. I went to Virgil Junior High and Belmont High in Los Angeles (I graduated in 1956). I also did shows like Sarge, Survivors, and How the West was Won. When I left Emergency!, I moved to Hawaii to do Hawaii 5-0 for two years. I also did a movie called Foxes, which you might have seen. When I got back from Hawaii, I mainly did television commercials.

My father was in the business, so when I got out of the service in 1959, I went to work in the studios. I worked on a lot of different shows until I got to be a Propmaster, then I started to do my own shows as a Propmaster. The cast and crew of Emergency! were the best I ever worked with. We were like a big family since we spent 14 hours a day together. We went to each other’s houses for parties. Jack Webb was tough to work for, everything had to be perfect or you heard about it loudly. When I started, Jack said I had to attend paramedic school so I would know all about the equipment and could show the people how to use it correctly so they wouldn’t look stupid. So he sent me to the school, it was a lot of fun. Knowing how to use new equipment was my job, and it was always exciting to learn about it and then to teach the boys how to use it. The whole cast was great, but Bob Fuller was the best because he was always in a good mood and he never got mad if something went wrong. Everyone else would call me "Props" when something went wrong, and when everything was good they called me "Salpal." My kids loved the show because they always got to go on the set with me. The whole show was special to me.


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