Dr. Mike Morton

Born:  January 22  
Birthplace:  Denver, Colorado
Contact Info: Not available
Current Projects: Now retired (from being Deputy Director of the Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Film for the city of Denver, Colorado) and loving it! Does not have a computer in his house and is happy without one.
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Internet Movie Database; January 4, 1998 Newspaper Article from Rocky Mountain News (text)

Rozane's September 17th (1997) phone interview with Ron Pinkard

rp1.gif (14410 bytes)Well, I found Ron Pinkard in a interesting way. His mother told me where he was!  Before I tell you about Ron, I want to say a few things about his great mom.  Her name is Arlene Pinkard and she has appeared in Good Times and The Jeffersons among other things. She was a fascinating woman to talk with.  She gave me her son's beeper number and within minutes after leaving my number, he called me back. 

pinkard1.jpg (23793 bytes)Since 1991 Ron Pinkard has been Deputy Director of the Mayor's Office of Art, Culture & Film for the city of Denver, Colorado. In 1996 alone, he helped producers of more than 170 television shows, films, and commercials generated in Denver.

Ron was born in Denver, on January 22. He attended Manual High School and later was a pre-med student for four years. He has also been a full commander in the Navy and is retired from the Naval Reserves. He dropped out of med school and headed for California and talked his way onto the set of Ironside where Raymond Burr gave him his first speaking role on that show.  He has also been in Dragnet, The Judge, Adam-12, Marcus Welby, MD and Conquest For The Planet of the Apes (1972), just to name a few.

After Emergency!, he appeared as Detective Sgt. Dodson (a semi-regular roll) on General Hospital for 5 years. Some more recent things you can catch him in are The Hunt For The Red October (1990) and The Flight of the Intruder (1991). Watch the credits of The Hunt For The Red October for his name as a Navy technical advisor.

Thank you Ron Pinkard for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk to me. And my special thanks to your great mom, Arlene Pinkard!

copyright 1997 by Rozane


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