Robert A. Cinader's involvement with the Los Angeles County Fire Department began in 1971 when he filmed a pilot television movie about the county's fledgling paramedic program.

"Emergency!" aired in 1972 and ran as a prime time show for five years with a weekly audience of 10 (?) million people.  The show brought attention and acclaim to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

More importantly it showed public officials across the nation that lives could be saved by local paramedic programs as a result.  Bob Cinader can be credited for making significant contributions to improving emergency medical services.

His involvement and commitment was so intense and his study of emergency services so thorough, he became an expert in the field.  In 197?, he was appointed to the county's emergency medical services commission where he served until his death in 1982.

In recognition of his extraordinary public service on May _______.   The board of supervisors voted unanimously to pay special tribute to Bob Cinader by naming fire station 127 in Carson, which was used in the filming of "Emergency!" in his honor.

Special thanks to Caroline, Bob, &  Jane for the pictures.