Johnny Gage

Born:   September 19, 1945  
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA
Contact Info: 
Randolph Mantooth, c/o Stone Manners, 8436 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048
Current Projects: 
Other Webpages: Internet Movie Database, Randy's "Official" Page, A couple of Letters from Mantooth to Fans, The Official European Randolph Mantooth Fan Club, Sylvia's Randy Page,   A Randolph Mantooth Fan Club, The Gage Brigade Fan Club

October 1998

Randolph Mantooth was born in Sacramento, California. Due to his father's job in the pipeline construction industry, the family moved very often. They finally settled in Santa Barbara, where Randy started college. He received a scholarship to the well-known American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Soon after graduating from the Academy, he was spotted in a play and was offered a contract by Universal. Randy went on to land a co-starring role in Emergency! and eventually directed several episodes as well.

After Emergency!, Randy was a series regular on such shows as Loving, General Hospital, and The City and has made numerous guest appearances on other shows including movies and mini-series such as Bridge Across Time, The Seekers, and Vanished.

Photo of Randy's brother Donald.  Donald briefly played another paramedic on a couple of episodes.

-- Photos provided by Bob McCullough & Rozane.  Information provided by Stacey Howe.

Mr. Mantooth has been seen recently in the movie "Enemy Action."  Also seen on episodes of Diagnosis Murder, JAG, The Promised Land, & Walker, Texas Ranger.

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