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Born:  September 10
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
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Rozane's December 8th phone interview with Marco Lopez

On Monday, December 8, 1997,  I got a early Christmas present -- A phone call from Marco Lopez!!!! Talk about getting caught off guard! I answered my phone with a "Hello?" and heard Marco's voice. It took me a few seconds to recover and get into the swing of the interview.

Marco was born September 10th (no, he would not tell me the year!) in Los Angeles, California. He attended Wilson High School, L.A. City College and UCLA.

He was never a real fireman although a lot of people thought he was. They used his real name on the show since it fit the character so well.  He grew his mustache on the show just to give himself a different look. The producers liked it and so it stayed.

His favorite episode was "THE MOUSE" from the 4th season. His favorite memory though was of himself in a scene from one of the shows where he had to grab the big hose off the engine and run with it. He pulled about 50 feet and was heading to a building when they yelled that the water was coming. What he didn't know was that they put it on full blast (as a prank) and he and the hose both went up about 3 feet in the air. There was laughter all around.

Everyone I have talked to has mentioned the pranks that were pulled on the set. Marco said another common one was for water bombs to be dropped from the rafters onto unsuspecting people below. Phantom Bombers for real there! HA!

When asked about injuries on the set he mentioned that Tim got slightly singed on the face and hair one time during a blast scene. By the way, Marco and Tim were good buddies both on and off the set. A sort of reverse injury happened to Marco. It was during "THE SCREENWRITER". Marco's back was out and they were about to do the scene with Larry Csonka in the chemical tank. They asked Marco if he would be okay with it and he said yes. But, they forgot to mention to Larry about Marco's back. Down they went and Larry grabbed Tim first and shook him around.  Then he grabbed Marco HARD and Marco yelled LOUD! Larry let go and asked Marco if he was okay and Marco replied "Yes Larry, you just popped my back into place! Thank you!!"

And yes, to those of you who asked if that was him you saw in "General Hospital" 1 1/2 years ago. He had a reoccurring role on there until his character was killed off. You can also watch for him in some old "Dragnet" and "Adam-12" shows. More recently he was in a series called "The Watchers" that was filmed in Las Vegas. He has also appeared in commercials including ones for McDonalds in both Spanish and English.

Marco is now teaching acting in Las Vegas and is getting back into commercials.

 He left me with this quote from him "Loves animals and would do anything to protect them. Very happy and thrilled to know that they (fans) are interested in knowing what we are all doing in the present."

Thanks Marco for the great surprise phone call!!

copyright 1997 by Rozane

Marco is now teaching acting in Las Vegas and is getting back into commercials.  He was most recently seen in the series called "The Watchers" that was filmed in Las Vegas and will soon appear in the "The Elian Gonzales Story" (9/17/2000). He has also appeared in commercials including ones for McDonalds in both Spanish and English. Marco's letter of thanks.

Photos from one of Marco's latest projects, "The Elian Gonzales Story"…

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