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Born: April 12 - You're only as old as you think you are! :-)
Birthplace:  Newark, New Jersey
Contact Info:  stuntman@clearwire.net
Current Projects:  Mr. Miller is now retired and living in Maui
Other Webpages: n/a

miller2.jpg (9307 bytes)Johnny Miller is an industry veteran with more than 25 years in motion pictures and television work.

miller4.jpg (3220 bytes)He has worked in many areas of motion picture production, including associate producer, actor, second unit director, stunt coordinator, and as a production coordinator knowledgeable in many areas from special effects to production set operations

Professional affiliations include Universal Studios, Disney, Mark VII Productions, Paramount, MGM, Columbia, and others.  He has worked in varying capactities on shows such as Colombo, Emergency!, Knight Rider, Star Trek/Series, Profiler, Mr. Wrong and Brooklyn South.

miller5.jpg (6422 bytes)Mr. Miller served in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was sent to California and loved it so much that when he got out, he went back to live there. While working, he met a man in the movie business that talked him into giving it a try. He applied as a Craftsman (props maker) and later went into special effects.  On Emergency! he "double clutched" it (working props and stunts). You can see him playing a victim in many scenes. He nevermiller3.jpg (15586 bytes) showed his face though and that way he could be used over and over again. Just a change of the hair style, or shave his mustache off and he could do more scenes.  In the episode "Above And Beyond....Nearly" during the night time cliff rescue that is Johnny Miller as the victim they are hauling down. During filming they had him bundled in the stokes and lowered him down and then left him tied up in the thing for 2 hours! The set was full of practical jokes and this time Johnny was on the end of one.

An avid sprots enthusaist, he is a former New Jersey Lightweight Olympic Weightlifting Champion.  He is also President of Stunt Productions, a motion picture production company specializing in action films and a professional training workshop

"I try to maintain a positive attitude toward life, and I thank God for family, friends, and this business - which I enjoy so much!"

"I'll never grown up…just forward." 

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