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Born:  May 2, 1930    
Birthplace:  North Carolina
Current Projects: Working on his novel, "The Queen's Horse". 
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July 6, 1998

The phone rings.  I pick it up and hear a voice from the past.  It's Lt. Crockett!!  James McEachin! 

James knew from a early start he wanted to be a writer.   While walking down the street one day, a man came up and asked him if he wanted to be a actor and he replied no, he was not interested.  The man persisted and ended up taking James out to lunch and then over to meet this director. They gave him a script and said they would like to have him in the film and when James left he tossed it in his trunk.

He did end up doing the movie in which he describes himself as "the worst actor in the worst movie ever made!". The movie was called I Crossed The Color Line and when I told him "I have heard of alot of 'B' movies but never this one," he replied, "This was not a B movie…it was a Z movie!" He said if you can imagine everything possible going wrong with a movie this one had it. During the filming of a hanging scene, the locals didn't realize it was a movie and the police were called. All sorts of problems plagued them, but the movie did get made.  At the premier, James slid down in his seat and walked out of the theater vowing to do another, BETTER movie. His next with Doris Day went much better.

You can also see James in Christina (1974) and Double Exposure (1993) to name a few. He is now a writer and working on his third novel, The Queen's Horse and hopes to have it out by February 1999.   Be sure and stop by his web page and see the other novels he has written.  He loves being a writer and welcomes email.

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Morgan State University has selected author/actor James McEachin  to be the recipient of its Distinguished Achievement Award for 2001.  Congratulations Mr. McEachin!!!

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