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Born:  July 9, 1943
Birthplace:  North Carolina
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July 2, 1998

Bobby Troup, Cynnie's father, moved his family to the Los Angeles area in the early 1960's and Cynnie and her sister Ronne worked as extras in alot of shows. Gidget, Ozzie & Harriet and several of the beach type movies. Cynnie was also Patti Duke's stand-in. Her first show as a script supervisor was Adam-12 in 1969.  In 1972 when Emergency! first aired,  Bob Cinader asked her to work on it. She stayed with the show for around a year and a half. Working with her father was alot of fun. Her sister, Ronne was in several shows ["Crash" and "Body Language"] and sister Kelly was in one ["Saddled"]. Kelly is the daughter of Bobby and Julie. 

Cynnie explained just what a script supervisor does. They are the ones who make sure when the filming resumes between scenes, the scenes match up with what was filmed before. She goes around with a notebook and keeps track of every take, how long it lasts, makes sure closeups are done, inserts are added, checks camera angles, and then later turns in the notes for the film editor to work with to make sure scenes are put in order, etc. She has been doing this for thirty years now and has a long list of shows she has worked on. Be sure to stop by the Internet Movie Datebase list for her other credits.

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