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Paramedic Certification #:  0001
Birthplace:  Chicago, IL
Contact info:  Not available
Current projects: 
Retired from the LACoFD.

Bob's paramedic certification number:  0001.  That's right.  Bob is the FIRST paramedic ever to be trained by the LACoFD!!!

Robert H. Belliveau is a retired (34+ years) Battalion Chief with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  He has represented the LACoFD on various committees such as:   Paramedic Committee, CAO Ambulance Study Group, CAO EMS Operations and Administration Committee, and Touche Ross EMS Study Group.  He has also served in Air Operations and endeavored to enhance EMS Helicopter Operations.

Bob was assigned as Paramedic Coordinator for three years.  During this time, he was assigned as liaison with Universal Studios in regard to the Emergency! series.  He performed as script consultant, assigned paramedic technical advisors, and excised script approval. He also acted in one episode of the show.

Bob has been married for the past 27 years and has four children and one grandson.


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