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Born:  April 9, 1936
Birthplace:  Glendale, CA
Contact Info:  Not available
Current Projects:  Unknown at this time
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July 1998

Albert Zuniga attended Hollywood High School and then went to work in the mailroom at Paramount in 1954. His whole family was in the movie business and he wanted to get involved with it, or become a baseball player.  Luckily for us fans, he chose the movie business.  The first show he did as a film editor was The Outsiders in 1967. 

As for Emergency!, he came on the show about the 5th season and said it was one of the most fun shows to ever work on. Besides the one-hour shows, he also worked on The Steel Inferno and Survival On Charter 220 (which he was also Associate Producer). As Associate Producer he produced The Steel Inferno, Greatest Rescues of Emergency!, The Convention, What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing....? and Medic 1: Seattle.

His list of credits as film editor in other productions is long and impressive.  Such programs as the pilots for Hunter, Magnum, PI and Riptide. His list continues with shows of the A-Team, McCloud, Switch, Quincy M.E., Simon & Simon, Ironside, Sierra, Toma, Alias Smith And Jones, Night Gallery and many others.

Al retired in 1996, and is now happily living in the Toluca Lake area of California. He is looking forward to attending the Emergency! convention in Oct.

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