Silent Night by Sofia Balino
To the tune of Silent Night

Silent night, quiet night
All is calm, but not all is right
An emergency's happening somewhere
So the victims call LA for help there
And they call station 51
And tired johnny and roy go on a run

Silent night, restless night
Johnny is scared that things won't go right
They're about to deliver a baby
And hopefully things will go alright, maybe
Till they find it'll be ok
A baby girl was born on christmas day

Silent night, happy night
They return, knowing things are alright
As they turn off the light they think
Somewhere out there's a family who'll sing
Because today their baby was born
And a good deed was done on christmas morn

Silent night, peaceful night
Johnny and roy know their joy is bright
Cuz something great has been done
And in the end they have won
Happy christmas to all
And if you need help give station 51 a call

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