RESCUE WONDERLAND  by David A.Bartlett
(to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Sirens wail,
heads are turnin',
up ahead
something's burnin'.
What a great way
to spend Christmas day
riding in the squad with John and Roy.

Henry grunts,
Johnny's sleepin'
as Phatom Bomber
comes a'creepin'.
It's a sure bet
that John will kill Chet
then ride around L.A. along with Roy.

At the station Cap is sippin' eggnog,
Stoker hoses down some carol singers
And if some reindeer should go into defib,
Our boys will yell out "CLEAR!" and give 'em ringers.

Later on,
they'll perspire
as they put
out a fire.
Then they're off and away
to save Christmas Day
Riding in the squad with John and Roy…

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