Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the firehouse,
not a creature was stirring,…except Herbert, the mouse.

The firemen were bundled, in their beds, sound asleep,
all hoping the klaxons would not make a peep.

Herbert was wandering around in the dorm,
when he spied a big boot, by a bed, on the floor

Herbert stared at this boot, so black and so tall,
and he thought, " i can climb that…but i hope i don't fall."

He scampered on up, and flipped over the edge
and landed, a-thud, then cried out "oh my head!"

He roamed 'round in the footwear, the smell, it was bad
..but with a good airing, this would make a cool pad.

Then he heard a loud noise, and saw lights, someone talking
something huge filled the boot, covered up with a stocking.

As the big foot got closer, Herbert's teeth he did bare,
A nip on the toes would give this one a scare.

A yelp did arise, when the fireman was bit,
then someone , they called, "Chester B, you're a twit."

Chet was heard mumbling, as they sped from this house,
"Someday i will get that damned Herbert…that mouse"

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