The Night before Christmas at Rampart by Robin R. Neher

'Twas the night before Christmas, and in Rampart's halls,
not a creature was stirring, except Nurse McCall.
She checked on the patients with tender loving care,
in hopes that Doc Brackett soon would be there.

Dixie in her uniform, and patients in their beds,
had all settled down to rest their weary heads.
When all the sudden, there was a loud clatter,
Dix ran down the hall to see what was the matter.

What she found was no suprise,
It was Johnny Gage trying to rise.
"Johnny, get back in bed," Dix said, with a shout,
"or I'll make sure Dr. Early finds out."

"Aw, Dix," Johnny said, with a whine,
"do I have to? it's only nine."
"Yes," Dix said, with a stern look,
"cause if you don't, your goose will cook."

Johnny got back in bed looking meek.
As she tucked him in, Dix kissed his cheek.
"Goodnight, Johnny," Dix said, with a smile,
"I'll see you in a little while.

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