Mr. Arsonist by Deborah Robinson
(to the tune of
Mr. Grinch from Doctor Suess)

You're a mean one, Mr. Arsonist
You really are a heel,
Your crimes are all suspicious, you are on the run still, Mr. Arsonist
You bad like a cold with a hard to swallow pill.

You're a monster, Mr. Arsonist
Your nose is covered with soot,
Your bags of tricks are scary and your stepping on our toes, Mr. Arsonist
And we can't even touch you with our 2 and half inch hose!

You're a foul one, Mr. Arsonist,
You put my men in harm,
John and Roy are sent to splint your arm, because you slipped up, Mr. Arsonist
Except that when it got close and warm you got away.

You're a firebug,Mr.Arsonist
You know how to make us scream
You pour the gas on the rug and lite if with your rag, Mr. Arsonist
We have to spread the CO like whip cream.

We will get you, Mr. Arsonist
And you know this is true.
Were a team of hose jockeys, and were dressed in blue, Mr. Arsonist.
Listen to me, because were not playing by the rules.

You in jail, Mr. Arsonist
My men have done their job,
You're finished starting fires, and your tricks are now a blob, Mr. Arsonist.
There no one now that will gonna post your bail!!!

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