Emergency by Marina Anna Baker
(to the tune of Silver Bells)

Emergency! Emergency!
was it e'er your intention
going strong, for so long
honored by a convention.

When Jack and R.A. chose to foray
into this type of show -
t'was a risky venture they knew;
But now fans the - whole world over
are so glad they did so.
It was truly the right thing to do.

Emergency! Emergency!
apparently you've stood time's test
and wouldst a poll - list a favorite show
you'd beat out all the rest.

There is laughter and disasters
and now some of us know
how each of your episodes end.
Through the sadness and the gladness
cast and crew became known
as a group of treasured, old friends.

Emergency! Emergency!
Inspiration was found in your name;
for some who watched, it changed their lives
and now they're out doing the same!

*It's a show at times emotional, but with fans that remain devotional.
Whatever happens, whatever will be, you're still the best show that's found on T.V.

Emergency! Emergency!
From your humble beginnings who thought you'd be.
More than just - another TV show,
but part of our life's history.

*This part of the song is found in the Johnny Mathis version, if I remember correctly. I'm not much of a singer, myself, but he does do this little part, though I believe he does it in the beginning…you know, "this is what Christmas time means to me…" I put it at the end followed by another stanza of Silver Bells, oops, I mean, Emergency!

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