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51 to the Rescue  by Marina Anna Baker
(to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

51 to the Rescue - when there's a fire or a fall.
They'll be on their way to save the day, once the station gets the call.

51 to the Rescue - just tell'em where it's at,
and the cap will write the address down while the guys consult the map.

It may just be John and Roy or the whole darn crew of six,
but all the victims go to Rampart to see Kel, Joe, Mike and Dix.

51 to the Rescue - a call for help is their command,
and if things get tough or a little rough, here comes Vince to lend a hand.

51 to the Rescue - even though lunchtime is near.
They'll drop it all, when they get the call, for a chance to use their gear.

Look at 'em come, they're on a run. Who knows what they'll find once there.
But no matter what, they'll get the job done, while onlookers just stare.

The squad will leave the station house, and the sirens start to whine.
And soon they'll be at the victim's side--just in the nick of time.

Oh, 51 to the Rescue, it's their duty don't you know--to be on their way
and to save the day in each and every show!

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