You start calling that irritating guy in your squad "Chet", even though that's not his name.

You start looking at the quality of Johnny's veins, you might be watching too much Emergency.

You're dispatched to a working structure fire, and pray that Captain Stanley is already there establishing command.

You call your base hospital "Rampart"…don't laugh…we did it once..<G>

When you install the Squad 51 tones on you Caps computer as the start up wave.

You start dreaming of running a rescue with Johnny and Roy

You try to convince county dispatch to use EMERGENCY! tones.

You use foam on every fire call.

You are depressed that there isn't an oil refinery in your district.

When your department orders a new truck and you have it lettered the same as Squad 51

While teaching a class of new ALS providers about pre-filled syringes, you tell them "Johnny Gage it." (popping the caps off)      

You prefer to use lube and paddles, even though everyone uses remote defibrillators now." (Just so you can rub the paddles together)

When as a "patient" in a practical exam for EMT or First Responders, you list your doctor as Dr. Brackett, and choose to be transported to Rampart. (I frequently get to be a patient in these exams. Once in a while, the student being evaluated will pick up on the Emergency reference, and crack a smile or even laugh, it seems to help them relax a bit!)

You call Mr Gage in your office "Johnny" instead of his real name. (Don't laugh, I did this today!)

You know you've been watching too much Emergency! when you list on the "mark-on board" at your station, Gage and Desoto as crew members on duty!

When (as a firefighter) climbing into the truck for a call, you climb in, start the truck, and adjust your coat - just like Mike Stoker.

When pulling out for a call, your officer looks at you and says, "Here we go, Junior.", and you reply, "Ok, Pally."

When checking your truck, you put the radio transceiver to you ear and say, "Rampart, This is Squad 51…"

You feel that for any medical problem, from a broken finger to a heart attack, the best remedy is an IV with D5W.

You're humming the theme song to Emergency! under your breath when responding to a call.

You get irritated when the sirens for the squad and pumper get reversed in a scene.

You cringe when they do CPR because you know how to do it correctly.

You pop off the caps like Johnny & Roy do.

"When your station gets a call someone runs over to the station Radio and yells "51 10-4 KMG365" :)

As a firefighter you refer to your staion officer as "Cap"--sure the"new kids" do it too, but you are among the few that really know why--(sometimes EVEN the Captain doesn't know what its from--kids!)      

You mention at an officers' meeting the idea of putting a "white stripe" on the helmets of capts/lieuts                    

On multi-co responses--you let the squad lead           

You (try) to wear your helmet in the squad on ALL calls   

You hang your helmet on the hook in the squad--watch your head on that one---OUCH!          

Just after you close the door of the ambulance--you give two good whacks on the rear door

Instead of "portable"--you refer to the hand radio as "Handi-Talki"--or H.T. for short

When firing up the defib unit--you count out the watt/seconds--even though since the Lifepak"5" they dont work that way anymore                                        

As a fire dispatcher--you often think ,on large assignments (3 engines, 2 trucks and a chief) about adding "Engine/Squad 51"--even if that fire department doesn't have one    

You dispatch the calls Exactly as Sam used to do it, complete with "time out"                      

Many thanks for submissions from Emergency! fans !


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