OK, Some people get just a little bit carried away, here’s how to tell if you’re one of us.

Top 10…ahhh..I mean..Oh, never mind!
Ways to Know if You’ve Been Watching Too Much Emergency!

You go on a diet consisting of dried figs and toast.

When you're out for a bike ride/walk on a summer day and you see a young man lying on the grass, your immediate response is to start CPR - whether he needs it or not!

Even though you're a grown man, you're taking your lunch in the same Emergency! lunchbox that you took your lunch to school in when you were seven.

When you answer the phone, "Squad 51, this is Rampart . . . go ahead."

When you buy a scanner and punch in the L.A. County frequency just to keep tabs on station 51

On the very first day of EMT class (this goes back about to 1983) your hand is the first one in the air before the instructor even finishes the question, "How many of you are here because you were influenced by Emergency! as a kid?"…

When your L.A. County firefighter/paramedic husband mistakenly calls you, "Dixie" after watching hours of an Emergency! marathon on television.

When you can spout off the dialogue before the character on the screen can..

When you can fast forward to a certain scene in the episode, and hit it almost every time at just the right spot

When all you're e-mail pals have "character" nicknames

You take an EMT basic level quiz and score 75% without taking any classes.

You place the opening tones to Emergency! on your answering machine

When you bring in your episodes of Emergency! to the fire house as training aids for the probies.

When you name your cat's toy mouse Herbert.

You claim to be carrying an E! actor's love child.

When to get out of an embarrassing and awkward conversation, you make an alarm sound effect and scramble out of the room.

Your favorite reply to any question is: "I don't want to talk about it."

You play a practical joke and blame it on the "phantom."

You sleep with your left arm over your eyes - just like Johnny!

You carry a pen AND a penlight in your pocket or purse (just in case).

You take time out of your busy day to think up more ways to tell if you've been watching too much Emergency!

When you start dreaming about being rescued by Roy and Johnny.

You lecture on the dangers of putting your pull tab in the can while still drinking.

You randomly yell "CLEAR!".

When driving and weaving in and out of traffic you make airhorn noises, ERRHHH ERRRHHH

When your voice mail box password is 51564365 (51kmg356)

When you want to name your new born twin sons Johnny and Roy

When you want to name your new born twin daughters Johnny and Roy!!!!!!!

You watch a news report of a real rescue which shows paramedics treating an victim and you wonder why they haven't started an IV.

You watch a news report of a big fire and realise that you're looking for Engine 51.

When arranging for new numberplates for your car, you ask them to check if KMG-365 is already taken......

You have no medical training yet you can read an EKG.

You debate the virtues of Boot versus Henry.

You notice the same stock footage in every episode.

You use your last stamp to send a fan-mail letter rather than paying your gas bill.

You have the squad tones as your Window's 95 startup wav (you can admit it to us)

You can't find a particular tape of Emergency! you own because its already in your second VCR

You start calling people "twit" and "pal".

You describe the smurfs as cyanotic.

You recognize "victims" from Emergency! on other TV shows!

You start your sentences with the word "man".

You have a special folder for your e-mail labeled "Emergency People".

You have a special folder in your web browser labeled "Emergency Links".

You can pick out the misplaced stock footage, due to seeing the old Crown pumper in a scene following a shot of the Ward La France pumper.

You’ve scoured the country (and several neighboring countries as well) to complete your collection of episodes no matter how poor the quality of the recordings.

You can tell which episode it is by just watching the first thirty seconds of the tape.

You set up a database so you can quickly sort your episodes by tape number, episode number or show title.

You keep thinking you hear faint sirens even though there's no tape in the VCR.

You create webpages like this one.

Many thanks for submissions from Emergency! fans !


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