Heard while doing a rope rescue or rapelling, "I don't need anymore slack."

Sam (the dispatcher) saying, "Someone else tone out Station 51. I'm going to lunch!"

Captain Stanley saying, "Just hit the gas and ram the squad out of our way."

Chet saying, "Guys, I've given up practical jokes."

Marco saying, "Hey, there's too much spice in the chilli!"

Mike saying, "We're out of gas."

Johnny or Roy saying, "No, everything is not going to be alright."

Any of the guys saying, "I've never been hurt on the job."

"Squad 51 in route to the shop for smog check."

"Johnny, the nurses at Rampart have filed sexual harassment charges against you."

"L.A. that call is not in our area"

Roy saying, "Johnny, you really ought to date more nurses"

Roy saying, "Go ahead and drive this shift, Johnny."

"Look at Henry run!"

"Chet, we got you this book of practical jokes."


"Ask Engine 51 to pull the Velcro straps off the squad too."

Roy saying, "Johnny, be sure to give the computer diskette with the EKG information to Dr. Brackett."

"Is the cell phone is charged up and ready to go?"

"Ask Engine 51 to pull the KED (Kendrick Extrication Device) off the squad."

"Put a movie in the VCR"/"Who wants microwave popcorn?"

You will never hear Dr. Brackett ask Dixie to get on the computer to find out anything.


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