I Am Stoker by Melissa Kutcher
(sung to the tune of I am Woman by Helen Reddy)

I am Stoker, watch me drive
The Engine through heavy traffic
Getting to every rescue safely.
Mudslides and earthquakes won't slow me down.
So Chet, Marco and Cap arrive on time to save the day.

Oh yes, I am wise
But don't have much to say
Yes, I drive with great care
But I survived the Phantom
By being his accomplice.
If I have to, I can do anything,
I am stong, I am invincible, I am Stoker.

You can give me the wrong address,
But I will find you,
With Roy and Johnny leading the way.
I help save lives everyday
I make sure there's enough water
to put out the fire.

Repeat chorus

I am Stoker, watch me grow.
See me try barbershop singing,
and drive my dune buggy around.
I love being the engineer
Whether it's the Crown or Ward LaFrance
I love my life the way it is.

Repeat chorus