HOME AGAIN by Story Morgan
There is a story, that they say
was told not long ago,
About a Fireman,
Who passed away that day,

They say he told his friends
That all would be alright,
That he would watch over them
long into the nights,

It is said that he told them,
That when their time on earth was through,
He'd come upon the wind
and take them all home again,

One by one his friends have followed,
and he's kept his word to them,
He came upon the wind and took
them each home again,

A Fireman,he died today,
A life cut too short they say,
He told that he saw him,
coming on the wind
He closed his eyes one last time,
and HE, took him home again,

They say he was the last of them,
The guys from 51,
Now they are together,
Johnny and his friends,
They say that if you listen,
You can hear them in the wind

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