Emergency Will Go On by Marina Anna Baker
(to the tune of My Heart Will Go On)

Every time I see it, it brings back those mem'ries
of days when I watched more T.V.
And a show so special, I never missed one time
tuning in to Emergency

John, Roy, the others too.
How I wished that each show'd never end.
Now, I can view it once more
and again I rejoice
'cuz it's like seeing my old friends.

Episodes filmed one time have lasted a lifetime.
E! fans will watch till they're gone.
Happy that this show is now shown on TVLand.
In our hearts it'll always go on.

John, Roy, some others too,
what a joy to have met them last year!
How can we ever let go?
It's our favorite show,
and even now it remains so dear.

Old show, yes, that is true,
and some think that it's value is gone.
But whatever they may say,
if you were to ask me,
I'd say let it go on and on!