Battle Hymn of McConikee's Hat by Melissa Kutcher
(sung to Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the glowing embers of McConike's hat;
Having set fire to it minutes ago;
It's a beautiful sight this lovely night;
His hat is burning on.


Glory! glory hallelujah!
Glory! glory hallelujah!
Glory! glory hallelujah!
His hat is burning on!

Cap put a cupcake in my helmet;
Lee Martinez and the rest laughed themselves silly;
It was a chocolatey mess and took all day to was out;
His hat is burning on.

Repeat chorus

I am now roasting hot dog for dinner tonight;
They will be a taste treat along with my clam chowder;
If McConikee catches me he'll think I'm a twit;
His hat is burning on.

Repeat chorus.

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