Filksongs: songs written by fans who have replaced the words of a popular tune with words of their own. 

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES  xmassleigh.gif (23824 bytes)

There are two categories for submissions:  Holiday Filksongs & variations of  T'was the Night Before Christmas. 

xorn1.gif (741 bytes)Please send only one filk per author per category.  Previously posted filks on our site can not be re-entered, however, those authors are invited to enter this year's contest with a new filk :-)  Former winners will maintain their ratings, new winners will be designated as "Y2K" winners (never thought you'd hear that phrase again, did you?)

xorn2.gif (747 bytes)Entries may be co-authored (please include the name of all authors for proper credit).

xorn3.gif (747 bytes)Filks posted on other sites are allowed so long as (1) the person submitting the filk is the author and (2) s/he and current webmaster understand that it will also be archived on our site.  We will be happy to include a link to the other site, just let us know the URL when you submit your entry.

xorn1.gif (741 bytes)Keep 'em PG-rated. 

xorn2.gif (747 bytes)Multiple submissions for the same tune are welcome :-)

xorn3.gif (747 bytes)Proof-read your work carefully before sending it in. I will not be able to make any changes after submission.

xorn4.gif (741 bytes)Submit your entry to me by December 14th, 2000.   (We plan to have a poll for fans to judge the entries the 15th through the 20th).

Need the original lyrics to help get you started?  Try The Carols of Christmas.

What will you win?  Probably just the accolades and acclaim of your peers…Who knows though, we might be able to dig something up from the back of the closet ;-)

Remember to stop back by December 15-20th to vote!  Decisions of the judges are final, anyone mentioning the words "Florida", "chads" or "manual recount" (or stuffing the ballot box) will be disqualified!