Script #35713; Episode #2.9; Airdate: 11/25/1972

Writer: Daryl Henry
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Leslie Charleston, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Dick Van Patten, Joshua Bryant, Michael Richardson, Stacy Harris, Janie Baldwin, Randall Carver, Susan Damonte, Lillian Lehman

Story: An attractive female journalist accuses the crew of male chauvinism. She covers the Squad's rescues of a man trapped in a truck under live power lines, a man trapped in a sofabed, and two victims in a bombed building.   A man gets his arm stuck in a garbarge disposal.  Morton and Early try to save a boy who has eaten poison hemlock.

Goofs:  (1) In the beginning of the show the boys respond to a truck turned over with electrical lines on it. Johnny and Roy must use the jaws of life to get the driver out. You see Roy wearing gloves as he is about to start the jaws and then in the next frame he is not wearing gloves and no gloves are in sight. (2) Vince's # is "137 David" in Trainee, but it's "138 David" in Women

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