Weird Wednesday

Script #34410; Episode #1.9; Airdate: 3/18/1972

Writer: Daryl Henry
Lawrence Dobkin

Guest Cast: Jeanette Nolan, Arnold Stang, Henny Backus, Sherry Bain, Helen Baron, Anne Collins, Chris Forbes, Patricia Mickey, Pam Peters, William Katt (uncredited).

Story: Johnny is convinced that weird things will happen on their shift. A parachutist lands in a tree. A boy tries to cryogenically freeze himself. An 80-year-old woman breaks her ankle while celebrating her birthday, and the party moves to Rampart. A man collapses with chest pains while jogging. A seaman in pain shows up at Rampart but doesn't speak English.  A woman is bitten by a rattlesnake.  A drunk in a car goes over an embankment, which causes a problem for Johnny.

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