Script #37425; Episode #3.13; Airdate: 12/15/1973

Writer: Preston Wood
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Mills Watson, Phillip Pine, Kathleen Quinlin, John Russell, Benye Gatteys, Michael Vandever, James Griffith, Robert Patten, Ray Fine.

Story:  Johnny and Roy treat a hostage with chest pains, then become hostages themselves. A girl's horse is trapped in a burning barn. Johnny gives Chet his guitar. A man keeps forgetting his insulin shots. A girl calls the hospital, threatening suicide.

Goofs:  At the bank, Roy starts to take heart victim's vitals and Johnny tells Rampart to stand by for vital signs. Dr. Brackett tells them to transport immediately without getting any vital signs. Next scene 3 seconds later, patient is undressed and has an I.V. but when Roy walks to front door, patient is not on oxygen nor is he patched in to the scope but the next scene he is.

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