Script #35715; Episode #2.8; Airdate: 11/11/1972

Writer: Jim Owens
Dennis Donnelly

roof repair.

Guest Cast: Robert Pratt, Jackie Coogan, Charles H. Gray, Vince Howard, Lillian Lehman, Ron Henriquez, Anthony Eldridge, Iris Korn, Wynn Irwin

Story: A former Vietnam medic is now a paramedic trainee and constantly thinks he knows more than Roy, Johnny, or the doctors at Rampart. Together, Roy, Johnny, and the trainee interrupt a purse-snatching, save a man who fell down a cliff, help a woman overdosed on prescription drugs, and treat a man suffering from an insulin reaction.

Goofs:  Vince's # is "137 David" in Trainee, but it's "138 David" in Women

Tidbit:  Director Dennis Donnelly is Tim Donnelly's Brother

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