To Buy or Not to Buy

Script #42806; Episode #5.14; Airdate: 12/20/1975

Writer: Keith A. Walker
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Robert Pratt, Allan Vint, Susan Gay Powell, Fay Dewitt, Nicholas Worth, Patch MacKenzie.

Story: Roy thinks about buying a house. Responding to a fire in an abandoned house, the station finds two children trapped inside. Two driving school students are involved in an accident. An epileptic boy is rescued from a bridge.  A boy breaks his arm and loses his dog in a minor traffic accident and the guys stay behind to look for it.

Goofs:  (1) When Cap and Roy are doing the logic chart Cap has a Styrofoam cup in his hand. Then the camera pans away to Johnny and back to Cap who now has a glass coffee mug in his hand. (2) Dr. Early tells Johnny to start LR on the diabetic girl at 100cc/min, but IV drip rates are calculated as cc/hour. (3) The house the girls lived in was pretty odd. The walls were totally destroyed, with the paint/wallpaper, and drywall all gone, yet the paintings were still hanging and relatively untouched. (4) They respond to a car wreck where a boy breaks his arm and a woman has a mild concussion, Johnny puts the drug box in the ambulance and then neither goes to the hospital with the patients. Peculiar????

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