The Boat

Script #44926; Episode #6.18; Airdate: 3/12/1977

Writer: Hannah Shearer
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Dick Bakalyan, Ted Gehring, Zitto Kazann, William Boyett, Vince Howard.

Story: Charlie, the station mechanic, stores the boat he wants to sell at the station house, where the firemen decide that they want to chip in and buy it. A bookie has a heart attack and the station has to break into his office. Rampart has a basement fire and must be evacuated.

Goofs:  The episode where the guys are trying to buy the boat. They pull up to the heart attack and Johnny goes get the side compartment. When he opens up the door a orange plastic something falls out of it. He quickly grabs it and sticks it back in the squad. (goof or realism?)

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